MFA, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Munich University, Germany 1973-78

2006        Unhell, Genovese/Sullivan Gallery, Boston MA
1999        Ex Fabrica, Genovese/Sullivan Gallery, Boston MA
1996        Entelechy, Genovese Gallery, Boston MA
1995        Vertical Minute, Annika Sundvik Gallery, New York NY
1994        Hidden Entrances, Annika Sundvik Gallery, New York NY
1993        Genovese Gallery, Boston MA
1992        Daniel Newburg Gallery, New York NY
1990        Daniel Newburg Gallery, New York NY
1987        Daniel Newburg Gallery, New York NY
1982        PSI, Queens, NY, ‘Special Projects’

2012        Ille Arts, Amagansett NY
2009        The Big Show, Silas Marder Gallery, Bridgehampton NY
2004        Orbiting Abstraction, Surface Library, East Hampton NY
2004        Dense, Genovese/Sullivan Gallery, Boston MA
2004        All That Glitters, Islip Art Museum, Islip NY
2003        Treatments I-XI, Genovese/Sullivan Gallery, Boston MA
2000        Malca Fine Art, New York NY
1999        The Ninth Triennial, Fuller Museum of Art, Brockton MA
1999        Contemporary Relics, William King Regional Arts Center, Abingdon VA
1998        Faculty Show, Lacoste School of the Arts, Lacoste France
1996        Celebrating The Permanent Collection, Part I,
                      Rose Art Museum, Brandeiss University, Waltham MA
1996        She Said, Genovese Gallery, Boston MA
1996        Annika Sundvik Gallery, New York NY
1992        JFK, Myth and Denial, B4A Gallery,
                      curated by Kevin Teare and Renee Fotouhi, New York NY
1991        Shooter’s Hill, AC Project Room, NY Daniel Newburg Gallery, New York NY
1990        Painting the Dematerialized Ego, Genovese Gallery, Boston MA
1990        Grids, Vrej Boghoomian Gallery, New York NY
1990        Nonrepresentation, Security Pacific Corp., Los Angeles CA
1990        The Fifth Essence, Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York NY
1990        Abstract Painting, Lawrence Oliver Gallery, New York NY
1990        Specific Metaphysics, Sandra Gehring Gallery, New York NY
1989        Riscos, Machado de Castro National Museum, Coimbra,
                     and Museum de Aveiro, Portugal
1989        Body Fragments, Shea & Becker Gallery, New York NY
1989        Methods of Abstraction, Gallery Urban, New York NY
1989        Nonrepresentation (The Show Of The Essay),
                     curated by Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, Anne Plumb Gallery, New York NY
1989        J.B. Art Museum, Louisville KY
1989        Sightings: Drawings with Color, Pratt Institute,
                     curated by Max Gimblett and Eleanor Moretta, New York NY
1988        An Unjaded Taste, The Bruce Museum, Greenwich CT
1987        D’Ornamentation, Daniel Newburg Gallery,
                     curated by Paul Groot, New York NY
1986        Stairwell Installation, White Columns NY
1986        Distances, Chapelle de la Salpêtrière, Paris France
1985        Logosimuli, Daniel Newburg Gallery, curated by Alan Jones, New York NY
1980        New York, Galerie Felix Handschin, Basel Switzerland
1978        Junger Western ‘77’, Recklinghausen Museum, Germany

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2003        S.U.N.Y., Suffolk Community College, Riverhead, NY
                     Guest Lecturer, Color Theory and Electronic Application
2001        S.U.N.Y., Suffolk Community College, Riverhead, NY
                     Instructor, color theory
1998        Lacoste School of the Arts, Lacoste, France
                     Research Fellow
                     Instructor, drawing
1994        Art Center, Pasadena, CA
                     Visiting Artist
1991-92   School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
                     Instructor, foundation
1988-89   Yale University, School of Architecture, New Haven, CT
                     Guest Lecturer

German, French

Private – local and international
New York Public Library
De Cordova Museum
Rose Art Museum